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PDS4 Software Releases
Here are the tools and utilities that are available from the PPI Node for use with PDS4.

pds.cdfA Java class library for reading files stored in the Common Data Format (CDF)
igpp.docgenThe igpp-docgen tool is a document generator based on Apache Velocity. The tool can process template documents written in Velocity Template Language (VTL). It can read PDS3 labels, text files containing keyword=value pairs, and spreadsheets in CSV or TAB format. The content of each processed files are assigned to variables in separate Velocity contexts and can be referenced in the Velocity template file. The output format can be PDS3 or XML.
igpp.mimicA set of tools to create mirrors of file collections. It uses a combination of techniques to optimize the synchronization of the collections. Mimic can use either the HTTP, SSH or FTP protocol to copy files. It supports both pushing files to remote locations or pulling files from remote locations.

PDS3 Software
Here are the tools and utilities that are available from the PPI Node for use with PDS3.

Ruleset LanguageA description of the Ruleset Language
Labeler and Ruleset ProcessingPresented at the PDS Technical Session, July 2003

ditdosDITDOS web service which provides access to data archives. It can build inventories of data holdings, present organized views of the inventory and assist in downloading data collections.
labelerA Java application which uses the Ruleset Processor to generate PDS labels for files.
IndexA Java application to generate PDS compliant index files for a volume.
SPLASH SPLASH is an interactive data display application that runs on Microsoft Windows platforms.

JAR files - Quick link
Index.jarIndex generation application.
ruleset.jarRuleset-based label generator.
pdsppi.jarFile containing all PDS/PPI classes.
plugin.jarFile containing all plug-ins.
How to Install?
Download and place in your Java CLASS_PATH (typically $JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext)

Plug-ins for use with Ruleset Processor
CassiniFFHScanExtract information from a Cassini Flatfile.
ComparePerform a relational compare two strings or numbers.
FFHScanExtract information from a Flatfile.
FormatDescriptionWord wrap and indent text.
IMathPerform simple integer math.
LabelValueExtract a value from a label.
LookupFind a value in an interval lookup spreadsheet.
SpreadSheetParse files containing a spreadsheet (delimited text) and determine metrics.
PChronosInterface to the NAIF/SPICE "chronos" utility.
PvoTabPropertiesExtract first and last values in the table.
StringsDetermine length, change case, index, and subset strings.
TabStartStopReturn a portion (column) of the first and last rows in an ASCII table.
TargetPhraseCreate a properly punctuated phrase describing a list a values.
TimeParse and construct time strings in many formats.
plugin.jarFile containing all plug-ins.

PDSLabelJava class for parsing PDS Labels.
PPIOptionJava class for option handling support.
PPIRulesetJava class implementation of the PPI Ruleset Language.
PPITableJava class for reading and writing to tables.
DownloadZip file containing source code, documentation and classes.
pdsppi.jarJar file containing all PDS/PPI classes.