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KMAG - Kronian Magnetic Field Model
KMAG is a global magnetic field of the Saturn's field (Khurana et al., 2006) that includes modules that specify (1) the internal spherical harmonic field, (2) the ring current and the magnetotail current system, (3) the field from the radial current system which reinforces corotation on the outflowing plasma, (4) the shielding fields from an axially symmetric but hinged magnetopause and (5) the interconnection magnetic field from the solar wind IMF. The current sheet field is based on models of disk-shaped current sheets by Tsyganenko and Peredo (1994). The tilt, and hinging of the current sheet is based on the general deformation technique of Tsyganenko (1998, 2002a, 2002b). The shielding fields are derived using a model of the magnetopause by Arridge et al. (2006) constructed from magnetopause crossings observed by both Cassini and Voyager. Saturn's internal field uses magnetic moments derived from the Cassini Saturn Orbital Insertion (SOI) measurements (Dougherty, 2005). KMAG is based on a previous Euler-potential model of Jupter's magnetospheric field (Khurana, 1997).
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