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Here are documents related to providing data to the PPI Node of PDS.

Proposer's Archive Guide
Individual Proposer's Archive Guide(IPAG)

PDS4 Training
Download PDS4 Training Excercise File

CDF Files
Concise Guide to CDF (v2) An introduction to the CDF specificaiton including ISTP/IACG guidelines.
PDS4 Archiving of CDF Files (v3) Requirements for CDF files which allow data to be described with PDS4 labels
CDF Internal Format Description (v3.4) Describes the physical file layout used by the Common Data Format (CDF) for CDF Version 3.4. Snapshot of on 2013/08/07
CDF User's Guide (v3.4) Both a user's guide and reference manual for the Common Data Format (CDF). As such, it provides a primer for introducing the novice reader to the concepts of CDF as well as a reference manual for the advanced user. Snapshot of on 2013/08/07
CDF ISTP/IACG Dictionary Keywords (20130807) The ISTP/IACG defined project data dictionary for use with CDF files. Snapshot of on 2013/08/07
CDF ISTP/IACG Global Attributes (20130807) The ISTP/IACG defined global attributes to provide information about a data set as entity. Snapshot of on 2013/08/07
CDF ISTP/IACG Variables (20130807) The ISTP/IACG variable classes with examples. Snapshot of on 2013/08/07
CDF ISTP/IACG Variable Attributes (20130807) The ISTP/IACG defined variable attributes to provide a standard set of information about each varaible in a data set. Snapshot of on 2013/08/07
CDF-A Specification The CDF-A Specification describes the types of CDF files which meet basic archiving requirements. The specification includes HPDE and PDS extensions which define additional requirements for each domain.