Cassini Data Analysis Program (CDAP)
The ROSES 2023 Cassini Data Analysis Program   Appendix C.10
Notice: Proposals submitted to this program will be evaluated using a dual-anonymous review process. Proposals must be prepared according to the guidelines in C.10, Section 4.2 and in the associated "Guidelines for Anonymous Proposals" document under "Other Documents" on the NSPIRES page for this program element.
This program element uses a two-step proposal submission process described in Section 2 of C.1 The Planetary Science Research Program Overview.
Mandatory Step-1 proposals are due May 4, 2023, and Step-2 proposals are due July 13, 2023.
The objective of the Cassini Data Analysis program(CDAP) is to enhance the scientific return of the Cassini mission by broadening the scientific participation in the analysis and interpretation of the data returned by the mission. Other mission and non-mission data sets may be used with these data, but all proposals must require the use of data from the Cassini mission.
Mission data to be used in proposed work must be available in the Planetary Data System (PDS) or an equivalent, publicly accessible archive at least 30 days prior to the Step-2 due date. Spacecraft data that have not been placed in such archives may not be proposed for use. The calendar of record for data released in the PDS is the PDS Data Release Calendar.
Proposals submitted to this Program Element must include an Open Science and Data Management Plan (OSDMP), which must be anonymized. Two pages are allotted for the Plan. See Section 3.7 of C.1 The Planetary Science Research Program Overview for more information.

Critical Dates
Step 1 Proposal Due Date Data Included in PDS by Step 2 Proposal Due Date
05/04/23 06/13/23 07/13/23

Mission data are available from the Planetary Data System (PDS).

Cassini Data Available at PPI
Inst ID   Instrument

CAPS   Cassini Plasma Spectrometer
INMS   Ion and Neutral Mass Spectrometer
MAG   Magnetometer
MIMI   Magnetospheric Imaging Instrument
RPWS   Radio and Plasma Wave Science

Voyager Data Available at PPI
  Voyager 1 Saturn
  Voyager 2 Saturn

Pioneer 11 Data Available at PPI
  Pioneer 11 Saturn
Other Data Within PDS
The following Discipline Nodes also have Cassini information pages:
Atmospheres Node
Cartography and Imaging Sciences Node
Ring-Moon Systems Node
Small Bodies Node

Ancillary data (SPICE files) for Cassini can be obtained from the NAIF Node

Proposals to this program element must follow the rules for use of mission data given in C.1, Section 3.5.
Proposals submitted to this Program Element must follow all formatting requirements that are described in program element C.1 and Section IV(b)ii of the ROSES Summary of Solicitation.