Emerging Worlds Program
The ROSES 2022 Emerging Worlds Program   Appendix C.2
Notice: This program element does not have a proposal due date. Proposals may be submitted at any time, pending certain eligibility timing issues related to resubmissions and duplicate proposal avoidance. See Section 2.4 of Appendix C.1 and https://science.nasa.gov/researchers/NoDD for further information.
The goal of the Emerging Worlds program to advance scientific knowledge of the Solar System by investigating how it formed and evolved. Emerging Worlds supports basic research in planetary science to aid in the development of missions, and to provide context for the interpretation of Solar System observations that are relevant to its formation and early evolution.
Emerging Worlds prioritizes investigations that directly address important problems in the origin and evolution of our Solar System.
All proposals will be evaluated for relevance to the solicitation. To be found relevant to the solicitation, all proposals submitted to this program element must demonstrate how they will advance our understanding of the origin or early evolution of the Solar System, as defined in C.2, sections 2.1 and 2.2.
Data are available from the Planetary Data System (PDS).
Proposals submitted to this program element must include a Data Management Plan (DMP) as described in Section 3.7 of C.1, the Planetary Science Research Program Overview. The Individual Proposer's Archive Guide (IPAG) and Strategy for writing a good data management plan for a ROSES proposal are available on the PPI website.
The standard rule for use of mission data has been that unless otherwise specified, spacecraft mission data to be used in proposed work must be available in the Planetary Data System (PDS), or an equivalent, publicly accessible, archive, at least 30 days prior to the full proposal due date. For No Due Date (NoDD) programs the 30 day rule applies to the submission date of the proposal rather than the due date. The calendar of record for data released in the PDS is the PDS Data Release Calendar .
Proposals submitted to this Program Element must follow all formatting and content requirements that are described in program element C.1 and Section IV(b)ii of the ROSES Summary of Solicitation.