C30 RPWS Triggers

Trigger Description
28 200 bps Interplanetary Cruise without Direction Finding & DUST & LP Sweeps
2A 140 bps Interplanetary Cruise for use during under-allocated periods
2E Put IEB Version Info to housekeeping & clear command counters
3A 60-115 Kbps Hirate: 10 KHz Baseband WBR
58 21-35 Kbps Hirate hour-long cyclic (WBR 10 KHz Baseband, 75 KHz Baseband, & HF Frequencies: 8 MHz, 1 MHz, 125 KHz)
76 1.5 Kbps Titan Langmuir Probe Mode
8A 650 bps Survey Mode for Saturn Turn, toggling between 40-Hz and 2.5-KHz WFR
94 2 Kbps Aurora/SKR Mode for Saturn Tour, outside source region

C30 RPWS Commands

Command Description
73WRAP,(0x4045] Clear Internal Expanded Block (IEB) memory
73IEB_LOAD Load Internal Expanded Block (IEB) memory
73WRAP,(0x4310,0x7F00) Perform Checksum on newly loaded IEB memory
73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF Perform HFR Calibration

C30 As-Flown Sequence

2002-014T00:00:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-014T00:13:00.016      TRIGGER   2E
2002-014T00:16:00.016      73WRAP,(0x4045]
2002-014T00:16:01.016      73IEB_LOAD  C30 IEB
2002-014T00:18:10.016      73WRAP,(0x4310,0x7F00)
2002-014T00:21:10.016      TRIGGER   2E
2002-014T00:24:10.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-015T22:00:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2002-016T00:22:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-017T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-017T18:00:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2002-017T19:05:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-018T03:21:17.016      TRIGGER   2A
2002-021T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-022T03:06:17.016      TRIGGER   76
2002-022T14:05:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-023T21:09:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2002-023T21:38:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-024T10:25:17.016      TRIGGER   2A
2002-025T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-029T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-030T09:55:17.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-031T23:13:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2002-032T01:10:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-032T13:34:17.016      TRIGGER   2A
2002-033T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-034T02:47:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-037T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-038T00:00:00.016      TRIGGER   8A
2002-038T01:00:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2002-038T01:16:00.016      TRIGGER   94
2002-038T04:44:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2002-038T05:00:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-038T22:00:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2002-039T00:55:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-039T12:53:17.016      TRIGGER   2A
2002-040T11:26:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-041T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-045T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-049T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-049T13:55:00.016      TRIGGER   2A
2002-051T08:26:17.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-052T20:00:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2002-052T23:32:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-053T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-053T11:06:17.016      TRIGGER   2A
2002-057T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-057T07:55:17.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-060T01:00:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2002-060T01:23:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-061T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-064T17:00:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2002-064T17:23:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-065T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-066T23:03:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2002-067T00:53:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-069T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-069T15:00:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2002-069T15:22:00.016      TRIGGER   28