C28 RPWS Triggers

Trigger Description
  0 Power On All Receivers (HFR, MFR, LP, etc.)
28 200 bps Interplanetary Cruise with Direction Finding & DUST & LP Sweeps
2C Periodic Instrument Maintenance (PIM): Bias LP to +32V
2E Put IEB Version Info to housekeeping & clear command counters
38 60-120 kbps Hirate: 75 KHz Baseband WBR
3A 60 kbps Hirate: 10 KHz Baseband WBR
4C Sounder Noisy Mode
4E Langmuir Probe Noisy Mode
58 35 kbps Hirate hour-long cyclic (WBR 10 KHz Baseband, 75 KHz Baseband, & HF Frequencies: 8 MHz, 1 MHz, 125 KHz)
76 1.5 kbps Titan Langmuir Probe Mode

C28 RPWS Commands

Command Description
73WRAP,(0x4045] Clear Internal Expanded Block (IEB) memory
73IEB_LOAD Load Internal Expanded Block (IEB) memory
73WRAP,(0x4310,0x7400) Perform Checksum on newly loaded IEB memory
73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF Perform HFR Calibration
73RT_SLEEP,SLEEP Power down receivers and go to low-power mode
73RT_SLEEP,ACTIVE Prepare to exit low-power mode and power up receivers
73RT_WDTERR_RPWS,SET Mute the BIU by setting the BIU Watchdog Timer
73RT_WDTERR_RPWS,CLEAR Un-Mute the BIU by clearing the BIU Watchdog Timer
73HFR_INITIALIZE,80DD Set HFR ABC Mode: 2Eac_16 (1000) NO Direction-Finding
73HFR_INITIALIZE,8CDC Set HFR H1 Mode: 2Eac_1 (160) NO Direction-Finding
73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,WORD,0x0106,0x002C,HFRI Set HFR analysis timing parameter MOD OFFSET to 44 RTIs
73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,WORD,0x0104,0x0100,HFRI Set HFR analysis timing parameter REPEAT PERIOD to 256 RTIs (32 sec)

C28 As-Flown Sequence

2001-252T00:00:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-254T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-258T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-262T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-263T10:51:00.000      73RT_SLEEP,SLEEP
2001-263T11:03:00.000      73RT_WDTERR_RPWS,SET
2001-263T15:48:00.000      73RT_WDTERR_RPWS,CLEAR
2001-263T16:09:00.000      73RT_SLEEP,ACTIVE
2001-263T16:09:30.000      TRIGGER    0
2001-263T16:10:00.000      TRIGGER   28
2001-263T16:15:00.000      Set ABC Mode: Turn off DF, use Dipole
2001-263T16:15:00.000      73HFR_INITIALIZE,80DD
2001-263T16:15:05.000      Set H1 Mode: Turn off DF, use Dipole
2001-263T16:15:05.000      73HFR_INITIALIZE,8CDC
2001-263T16:15:10.000      Set HFR snapshot timing parameter
2001-263T16:15:10.000      73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,WORD,0x0106,0x002C,HFRI
2001-263T16:15:15.000      Set HFR snapshot period to 32 seconds
2001-263T16:15:15.000      73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,WORD,0x0104,0x0100,HFRI
2001-266T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-268T22:40:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-268T22:43:00.016      TRIGGER   2E
2001-268T22:46:00.016      73WRAP,(0x4045]
2001-268T22:46:01.016      73IEB_LOAD  C27 IEB
2001-268T22:48:10.016      73WRAP,(0x4310,0x7F00)
2001-268T22:51:10.016      TRIGGER   2E
2001-268T22:54:10.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-269T03:44:10.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-270T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-272T01:34:59.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-272T02:02:59.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-274T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-276T21:59:59.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-276T22:03:59.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-277T00:00:00.016      TRIGGER   2C
2001-278T00:00:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-278T00:10:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-279T21:59:59.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-279T22:16:59.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-282T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-284T00:59:59.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-284T01:09:59.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-286T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-287T19:44:59.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-287T20:06:59.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-287T20:10:00.000      73HFR_INITIALIZE,80DD
2001-287T20:10:05.000      73HFR_INITIALIZE,8CDC
2001-287T20:10:10.000      73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,WORD,0x0106,0x002C,HFRI
2001-287T20:10:15.000      73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,WORD,0x0104,0x0100,HFRI
2001-290T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-294T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-297T17:09:59.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-297T17:14:59.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-298T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-299T02:59:59.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-299T04:24:59.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-299T17:19:59.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-299T19:27:59.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-300T03:49:00.000      TRIGGER   28
2001-300T11:05:00.000      TRIGGER   4C
2001-300T11:10:00.000      TRIGGER   4E
2001-300T11:15:00.000      TRIGGER   28
2001-302T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-304T07:44:59.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-304T07:48:59.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-304T22:00:00.016      TRIGGER   76
2001-305T18:00:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-306T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-307T17:30:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-307T17:32:00.016      TRIGGER   28