C27 RPWS Triggers

Trigger Description
10 Idle
28 200 bps Interplanetary Cruise with Direction Finding & DUST & LP Sweeps
2E Put IEB Version Info to housekeeping & clear command counters
38 60-120 kbps Hirate: 75 KHz Baseband WBR
3A 60 kbps Hirate: 10 KHz Baseband WBR
58 35 kbps Hirate hour-long cyclic (WBR 10 KHz Baseband, 75 KHz Baseband, & HF Frequencies: 8 MHz, 1 MHz, 125 KHz)
68 36 variant: HF-WBR @ 125KHz with bit scoop
86 Survey Mode for Saturn Tour, outside 10 Rs
88 Survey inside 10Rs, High Frequency WFR
8A Survey Mode for Saturn Tour, all regions
8C Survey with AGC toggling of WFR Lo/Hi every 5
92 Aurora/SKR Mode for Saturn Tour, inside source region
94 Aurora/SKR Mode for Saturn Tour, outside source region

C27 RPWS Commands

Command Description
73HFR_LOAD_MEM,406B Load the HFR Memory
73HFR_LOAD_MEM,406D Load the HFR Memory
73HFR_LOAD_MEM,4105 Load the HFR Memory
73HFR_LOAD_MEM,4200 Load the HFR Memory
73HFR_LOAD_MEM,432E Load the HFR Memory
73HFR_LOAD_MEM,435A Load the HFR Memory
73HFR_LOAD_MEM,4400 Load the HFR Memory
73HFR_LOAD_MEM,4700 Load the HFR Memory
73HFR_LOAD_MEM,4701 Load the HFR Memory
73HFR_LOAD_MEM,5540 Load the HFR Memory
73IEB_LOAD C27 IEB Load Internal Expanded Block (IEB) memory
73RT_SLEEP,ACTIVE ACTIVE MODE: Processors awake, ready to power up Receivers
73RT_SLEEP,SLEEP INACTIVE MODE: Processors asleep, ready to wake up Receivers
73RT_WDTERR_RPWS,CLEAR Clear the BIU Discrete Write Protect Bit
73RT_WDTERR_RPWS,SET Sets the BIU Discrete Write Protect Bit
73WRAP,(0x4045] Clear Internal Expanded Block (IEB) memory
73WRAP,(0x4310,0x7F00) Perform Checksum on newly loaded IEB memory
73WRAP,(0x4045] Clear Internal Expanded Block (IEB) memory
73IEB_LOAD C27 IEB Load Internal Expanded Block (IEB) memory
73WRAP,(0x4310,0x7400) Perform Checksum on newly loaded IEB memory
73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF Perform HFR Calibration

C27 As-Flown Sequence Timeline

2001-190T12:40:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-190T13:41:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-190T15:40:00.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-190T15:55:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-190T17:40:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-190T17:43:00.016      TRIGGER   2E
2001-190T17:46:00.016      73WRAP,(0x4045]
2001-190T17:50:01.016      73IEB_LOAD  C27 IEB
2001-190T17:52:10.016      73WRAP,(0x4310,0x7F00)
2001-190T17:55:10.016      TRIGGER   2E
2001-190T17:58:10.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-192T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-192T22:40:00.016      TRIGGER   86
2001-193T00:40:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-193T00:41:20.016      TRIGGER   86
2001-193T02:41:20.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-193T02:42:40.016      TRIGGER   86
2001-193T04:42:40.016      TRIGGER   68
2001-193T04:44:00.016      TRIGGER   86
2001-193T06:44:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-193T06:45:20.016      TRIGGER   86
2001-193T08:45:20.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-193T08:49:50.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-193T13:40:00.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-193T13:43:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-193T22:10:00.016      TRIGGER   88
2001-194T00:10:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-194T00:11:20.016      TRIGGER   88
2001-194T02:11:20.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-194T02:12:40.016      TRIGGER   88
2001-194T04:12:40.016      TRIGGER   68
2001-194T04:14:00.016      TRIGGER   88
2001-194T06:14:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-194T06:15:20.016      TRIGGER   88
2001-194T08:15:20.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-194T08:16:40.016      TRIGGER   8A
2001-194T10:16:40.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-194T10:18:00.016      TRIGGER   8A
2001-194T12:18:00.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-194T12:19:20.016      TRIGGER   8A
2001-194T14:19:20.016      TRIGGER   68
2001-194T14:20:40.016      TRIGGER   8A
2001-194T16:20:40.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-194T16:22:00.016      TRIGGER   8A
2001-194T18:22:00.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-194T18:30:30.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-194T20:10:00.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-194T20:15:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-195T07:50:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-195T10:21:30.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-195T12:50:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-195T14:58:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-196T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-200T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-202T02:30:00.016      TRIGGER   8C
2001-202T04:30:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-202T04:31:20.016      TRIGGER   8C
2001-202T06:31:20.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-202T06:32:40.016      TRIGGER   8C
2001-202T08:32:40.016      TRIGGER   68
2001-202T08:34:00.016      TRIGGER   8C
2001-202T10:34:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-202T10:35:20.016      TRIGGER   8C
2001-202T12:35:20.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-202T12:41:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-203T03:30:00.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-203T03:32:50.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-204T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-206T10:45:00.016      TRIGGER   92
2001-206T11:00:00.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-206T11:01:20.016      TRIGGER   92
2001-206T11:16:20.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-206T11:17:40.016      TRIGGER   92
2001-206T11:32:40.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-206T11:34:00.016      TRIGGER   92
2001-206T11:49:00.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-206T11:50:20.016      TRIGGER   92
2001-206T12:05:20.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-206T12:06:40.016      TRIGGER   92
2001-206T12:21:40.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-206T12:23:00.016      TRIGGER   92
2001-206T12:38:00.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-206T12:39:20.016      TRIGGER   92
2001-206T12:54:20.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-206T12:55:40.016      TRIGGER   92
2001-206T13:10:40.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-206T13:26:55.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-206T16:45:00.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-206T16:46:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-208T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-211T08:49:56.000      73RT_SLEEP,SLEEP
2001-211T09:45:03.000      73RT_WDTERR_RPWS,SET
2001-211T10:22:03.000      73RT_WDTERR_RPWS,CLEAR
2001-211T11:01:11.000      73RT_SLEEP,ACTIVE
2001-211T11:01:41.000      TRIGGER    0
2001-211T11:02:11.000      TRIGGER   28
2001-212T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-217T07:25:34.000      73RT_SLEEP,SLEEP
2001-217T08:15:36.000      73RT_WDTERR_RPWS,SET
2001-217T12:51:36.000      73RT_WDTERR_RPWS,CLEAR
2001-217T13:55:40.000      73RT_SLEEP,ACTIVE
2001-217T13:56:10.000      TRIGGER    0
2001-217T13:56:40.000      TRIGGER   28
2001-220T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-220T23:50:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-221T00:03:10.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-221T02:50:00.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-221T02:50:45.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-224T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-224T06:20:00.016      TRIGGER   94
2001-224T06:35:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-224T06:36:20.016      TRIGGER   94
2001-224T06:51:20.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-224T06:52:40.016      TRIGGER   94
2001-224T07:07:40.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-224T07:09:00.016      TRIGGER   94
2001-224T07:24:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-224T07:25:20.016      TRIGGER   94
2001-224T07:40:20.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-224T07:41:40.016      TRIGGER   94
2001-224T07:56:40.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-224T07:58:00.016      TRIGGER   94
2001-224T08:13:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-224T08:14:20.016      TRIGGER   94
2001-224T08:29:20.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-224T08:35:40.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-224T10:20:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-224T10:21:25.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-227T01:00:00.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-227T01:23:40.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-228T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-230T07:00:00.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-230T07:24:40.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-230T21:00:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-231T00:38:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-231T03:00:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-231T12:35:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-232T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-232T05:15:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-232T07:49:30.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-232T11:15:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-232T13:32:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-232T21:00:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-233T00:15:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-233T03:00:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-233T12:53:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-234T05:00:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-234T07:25:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-234T10:00:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-234T12:21:30.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-234T20:30:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-235T00:02:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-235T02:30:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-235T12:09:45.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-236T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-236T05:00:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-236T05:10:00.000      TRIGGER   10
2001-236T05:12:00.000      73HFR_LOAD_MEM,4701
2001-236T05:12:01.000      73HFR_LOAD_MEM,4200
2001-236T05:12:02.000      73HFR_LOAD_MEM,406B
2001-236T05:12:03.000      73HFR_LOAD_MEM,4105
2001-236T05:12:04.000      73HFR_LOAD_MEM,432E
2001-236T05:12:05.000      73HFR_LOAD_MEM,4400
2001-236T05:12:06.000      73HFR_LOAD_MEM,5540
2001-236T05:12:07.000      73HFR_LOAD_MEM,406D
2001-236T05:12:08.000      73HFR_LOAD_MEM,435A
2001-236T05:12:09.000      73HFR_LOAD_MEM,4400
2001-236T05:12:10.000      73HFR_LOAD_MEM,5540
2001-236T05:12:11.000      73HFR_LOAD_MEM,4700
2001-236T05:12:12.000      TRIGGER   92
2001-236T07:15:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-236T09:10:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-236T11:29:30.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-236T20:00:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-236T23:38:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-237T02:00:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-237T11:43:30.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-238T04:45:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-238T07:09:45.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-238T09:45:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-238T12:11:30.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-240T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-240T08:50:00.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-240T08:51:45.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-241T22:30:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-242T00:14:10.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-242T02:30:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-242T02:42:50.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-245T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-246T05:45:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-246T06:15:20.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-246T08:45:00.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-246T08:48:55.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-248T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-248T23:45:00.016      TRIGGER   38
2001-249T00:05:30.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-249T02:45:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-249T02:46:30.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-251T13:45:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-251T13:56:08.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-251T16:45:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2001-251T16:45:53.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-251T23:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF