C25 RPWS Triggers

Trigger Description
  0 Power On All Receivers (HFR, MFR, LP, etc.)
  1 Internally defined Basic Mode with HFR "Composite Mode Survey" (CMS)
28 200 bps Interplanetary Cruise with Direction Finding
2C Periodic Instrument Maintenance (PIM): Bias LP to +32V
2E Put IEB Version Info to housekeeping & clear command counters
58 35 kbps Hirate hour-long cyclic (WBR 10 KHz Baseband, 75 KHz Baseband, & HF Frequencies: 8 MHz, 1 MHz, 125 KHz)
5A 55 kbps Hirate hour-long cyclic (WBR 10 KHz Baseband, 75 KHz Baseband, & HF Frequencies: 8 MHz, 1 MHz, 125 KHz)
64 HF-WBR, 8 MHZ band Hirate "Bit Scoop-up"
66 HF-WBR, 1 MHZ band Hirate "Bit Scoop-up"
68 HF-WBR, 125 KHZ band Hirate "Bit Scoop-up"
76 1.5 kbps Titan Langmuir Probe Mode
80 1 kbps Direction-Finding Survey with 25Hz WFR
84 500 bps Direction-Finding Survey with 2.5KHz WFR
98 Software Patch for bug in Power_Cntl,Pause Command

C25 RPWS Commands

Command Description
73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF Perform HFR Calibration
73PS_RPWS,OFF Power RPWS off
73PS_RPWS,ON Power RPWS on
73RT_SLEEP,ACTIVE ACTIVE MODE: Processors awake, ready to power up Receivers
73MEM_TWEAK,HRP,BYTE,0x0052,0x0082,W08I Prepare WBR to use EZ sensor
73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,BYTE,0x006E,0x00FF,LOCK Enable Processor Watchdog Timer
73WRAP,(0x4045] Clear Internal Expanded Block (IEB) memory
73IEB_LOAD Load Internal Expanded Block (IEB) memory
73WRAP,(0x4310,0x7400) Perform Checksum on newly loaded IEB memory
73RT_WPERR_RPWS,CLEAR Clear BIU Write-Protect Violation bit

C25 Sequence Timeline

2001-071T09:55:00.016      TRIGGER   80
2001-072T18:00:00.016      TRIGGER   68
2001-072T18:06:00.016      TRIGGER   80
2001-072T19:55:00.016      TRIGGER   76
2001-073T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-073T00:15:00.016      TRIGGER   80
2001-073T02:30:00.016      TRIGGER   64
2001-073T02:33:00.016      TRIGGER   80
2001-074T07:00:00.016      TRIGGER   66
2001-074T07:06:00.016      TRIGGER   80
2001-074T14:00:00.016      TRIGGER   64
2001-074T14:01:00.016      TRIGGER   80
2001-074T19:10:00.016      TRIGGER   84
2001-076T04:50:00.016      TRIGGER   66
2001-076T04:52:00.016      TRIGGER   84
2001-076T09:35:00.016      TRIGGER   80
2001-077T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-077T10:26:42.016      TRIGGER   64
2001-077T10:32:42.016      TRIGGER   80
2001-078T01:56:42.016      TRIGGER   64
2001-078T01:59:42.016      TRIGGER   80
2001-079T05:00:00.016      TRIGGER   64
2001-079T05:06:00.016      TRIGGER   80
2001-079T16:00:00.016      TRIGGER   66
2001-079T16:01:00.016      TRIGGER   80
2001-079T18:50:00.016      TRIGGER   84
2001-081T03:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-081T04:00:00.016      TRIGGER   66
2001-081T04:02:00.016      TRIGGER   84
2001-081T11:40:00.016      73PS_RPWS,OFF (Instruments OFF for Probe Checkout)
2001-082T01:21:00.016      73PS_RPWS,ON  (Instruments ON after Probe Checkout)
2001-082T01:23:00.016      73RT_SLEEP,ACTIVE
2001-082T01:26:00.016      TRIGGER    0
2001-082T01:26:30.016      73MEM_TWEAK,HRP,BYTE,0x0052,0x0082,W08I
2001-082T01:27:00.016      TRIGGER    1
2001-082T01:29:00.016      73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,BYTE,0x006E,0x00FF,LOCK
2001-082T01:30:01.016      73WRAP,(0x4045]
2001-082T01:30:11.016      73IEB_LOAD (C23 IEB)
2001-082T01:32:07.016      73WRAP,(0x4310,0x7400)
2001-082T01:35:07.016      TRIGGER   2E
2001-082T01:38:07.016      TRIGGER   98
2001-082T01:39:07.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-082T19:45:00.016      TRIGGER   5A
2001-083T01:13:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-085T21:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-085T23:55:00.016      TRIGGER   68
2001-086T00:02:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-087T19:41:56.000      73RT_WPERR_RPWS,CLEAR
2001-088T00:00:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-088T01:48:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-088T20:30:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-088T23:20:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-089T10:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-089T18:30:00.016      TRIGGER   5A
2001-089T21:45:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-091T19:30:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-091T23:55:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-094T00:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-095T00:00:00.016      TRIGGER   2C
2001-096T00:00:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-099T20:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-099T20:55:00.016      TRIGGER   76
2001-099T21:10:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-099T21:55:00.016      TRIGGER   76
2001-099T22:10:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-099T22:55:00.016      TRIGGER   76
2001-099T23:10:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-099T23:55:00.016      TRIGGER   76
2001-100T00:10:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-103T07:45:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-103T10:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-103T12:15:00.016      TRIGGER   66
2001-103T12:23:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-105T17:05:00.016      TRIGGER   64
2001-105T17:11:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-107T18:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-112T07:15:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-112T10:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-112T11:45:00.016      TRIGGER   64
2001-112T11:55:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-114T08:05:00.016      TRIGGER   58
2001-114T15:48:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-116T09:15:00.016      TRIGGER   64
2001-116T09:20:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2001-118T08:00:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2001-119T17:45:00.016      TRIGGER   5A
2001-119T23:30:00.016      TRIGGER   28