C11 As Flown

C11 RPWS Triggers

This sequence was designated for the first Instrument Checkout (ICO-1) after Launch. Many instrument modes were exercised here, both old modes used during Spacecraft Thermal Vacuum Testing (STV), and new triggers which were being developed for use during the later mission.

Trigger Description
  0 Power On All Receivers (HFR, MFR, LP, etc.)
  1 Internally defined Basic Mode with HFR "Composite Mode Survey" (CMS)
  3 Internally defined Periodic Instrument Maintenance (PIM): Bias LP to +32V
12 Basic Survey Mode with HFR "Composite Mode Survey" (CMS)
14 Low Frequency Wideband Mode (LF-WBR)
16 100 kbps deltaN/N mode
18 SKR Mode: 131 kbps non-compressed HF-WBR at 325 KHz
1A 7 kbps Waveform Capture Mode
1C 131 kbps 10-KHz WBR Mode
20 Housekeeping Dump to Science Telemetry every 64 seconds
22 Basic Survey mode with Sounder and Langmuir Probe data
28 200 bps Interplanetary Cruise mode with Direction-Finding
2A Quiet Basic Mode
30 Spacecraft Thermal Vacuum (STV) Fast Basic Mode
32 STV Baseline Common Mode Rejection Test Mode 1
34 STV Baseline Common Mode Rejection Test Mode 2
36 STV High Level Internal Cal Test Mode
38 STV Intermediate Level Internal Cal Test Mode
40 STV Low Level Internal Cal Test Mode
42 STV Baseline Low Band WFR Test Mode
44 STV Baseline HFR Cal Test Mode
46 STV Baseline LFR Test Mode
48 STV Langmuir Probe deltaN/N Test Mode
4A Quiet Test: LP Biasing effect on CAPS
4C Quiet Test: Sounder interference effects
4E Quiet Test: LP Sweep interference effects
50 STV MFR Noise Check
52 STV WFR Noise Check
54 STV WBR Noise Check
56 STV LFR Noise Check
58 STV HFR Sounder Check 1
5A STV HFR Sounder Check 2
5C STV All Calibration Levels Test Mode
62 HFR Memory Dump
64 HFR Patch Dump
66 Langmuir Probe Sphere Check
68 Langmuir Probe Cylinder Check
6A WBR/LP Noise Check
70 MAG Turn-on Test Mode
72 Pre-MAG Turn-on Test Mode
74 Venus-2 Survey Mode
78 Venus-2 Survey Mode (duplicate)
7A Venus-2 Survey + Millisecond Mode
7C Venus-2 Survey + Millisecond Mode + 10 KHz WBR
7E HFR Millisecond Mode Software Patch
80 Earth Direction-Finding Mode
82 SED and Titan Lightning Mode
84 HFR Composite Mode Observations
86 HFR Cross Correlation Software Patch
88 High Rate WBR Checkout Mode
8A High Rate WFR Checkout Mode
8C Earth Swingby Mode
8E High Rate 5-Channel WFR Mode

C11 RPWS Commands

Command Description
6EXT_MEM_LOAD,CONNECTED,NON_DEFAULT,RPWS Loads RPWS with its flight software
73HFR_INITIALIZE,A901 Set Sounder Relay state to CLOSED (on)
73MEM_TWEAK,HRP,BYTE,0x0052,0x0082,W08I Prepare WBR to use EZ sensor
73MEM_TWEAK,HRP,WORD,0x0050,0x0040,WBRC Wbr scheduler control, capture every 64 RTIs
73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,BYTE,0x0014,0x0040,TWEK Command needed for IEB verification via memory readout
73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,BYTE,0x0014,0x00C0,TWEK Command needed for IEB verification via memory readout
73MRO,LRP,HSK,8000,800F Command needed for IEB verification via memory readout
73MRO,LRP,HSK,BF00,BF62 Command needed for IEB verification via memory readout
73MRO,LRP,TLM,8000,0000 Command needed for IEB verification via memory readout
73MRO,LRP,TLM,BF00,BFFF Command needed for IEB verification via memory readout
73POWER_CNTL,ANALOG,ON Power on RPWS analog electronics; mfr,wfr,wbr
73POWER_CNTL,LPROBE,ON Power LP analog electronics on
73POWER_CNTL,SLEEP,ACTIVE ACTIVE MODE: Processors awake, ready to power up Receivers
73POWER_CNTL,SLEEP,SLEEP SLEEP MODE: Receivers powered off, Processors low-power mode
73PS_RPWS,OFF Power off RPWS
73PS_RPWS,ON Power on RPWS
73RT_RESET,RELEASE Prepares RPWS for a reset activity
73RT_SLEEP,ACTIVE ACTIVE MODE: Processors awake, ready to power up Receivers
73RT_SLEEP,SLEEP SLEEP MODE: Receivers powered off, Processors low-power mode
73WRAP,(0x32C8,0x0103) Turns on power to Langmuir Probe Digital Electronics
73WRAP,(0x32C8,0x0140) Turns on power to WFR and WBR A/D converters

C11 Sequence Timeline

1998-364T09:10:00.000      73PS_RPWS,ON
1998-364T09:12:00.000      73RT_SLEEP,ACTIVE
1998-364T09:15:00.000      TRIGGER    0
1998-364T09:15:30.000      73MEM_TWEAK,HRP,BYTE,0x0052,0x0082,W08I
1998-364T09:16:00.000      TRIGGER    1
1998-364T10:17:00.000      73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,BYTE,0x0014,0x00C0,TWEK
1998-364T10:17:01.000      73MRO,LRP,HSK,8000,800F
1998-364T10:17:10.000      73MRO,LRP,HSK,BF00,BF62
1998-364T10:18:00.000      73MRO,LRP,TLM,8000,0000
1998-364T10:19:00.000      73MRO,LRP,TLM,BF00,BFFF
1998-364T10:20:00.000      73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,BYTE,0x0014,0x0040,TWEK
1998-364T10:21:00.000      TRIGGER   72
1998-364T11:34:00.000      TRIGGER   70
1998-364T11:52:00.000      73RT_SLEEP,SLEEP
1998-364T11:52:30.000      73RT_SLEEP,ACTIVE
1998-364T11:53:00.000      TRIGGER    0
1998-364T11:54:00.000      TRIGGER   30
1998-364T11:59:00.000      TRIGGER   32
1998-364T12:04:00.000      TRIGGER   34
1998-364T12:09:00.000      TRIGGER   36
1998-364T12:14:00.000      TRIGGER   38
1998-364T12:19:00.000      TRIGGER   40
1998-364T12:24:00.000      TRIGGER   42
1998-364T12:29:00.000      TRIGGER   44
1998-364T12:39:00.000      TRIGGER   46
1998-364T12:44:00.000      73HFR_INITIALIZE,A901
1998-364T12:45:00.000      TRIGGER   48
1998-364T12:50:00.000      73RT_SLEEP,SLEEP
1998-364T12:50:30.000      73RT_SLEEP,ACTIVE
1998-364T12:51:00.000      73POWER_CNTL,ANALOG,ON
1998-364T12:52:00.000      TRIGGER   50
1998-364T13:14:30.000      73WRAP,(0x32C8,0x0140)
1998-364T13:15:00.000      TRIGGER   52
1998-364T13:23:00.000      TRIGGER   56
1998-364T13:33:00.000      TRIGGER   54
1998-364T13:41:00.000      73POWER_CNTL,LPROBE,ON
1998-364T13:41:01.000      73WRAP,(0x32C8,0x0103)
1998-364T13:41:02.000      TRIGGER   6A
1998-364T13:44:01.000      73POWER_CNTL,SLEEP,SLEEP
1998-364T13:44:02.000      73POWER_CNTL,SLEEP,ACTIVE
1998-364T13:44:03.000      TRIGGER    0
1998-364T13:44:18.000      73HFR_INITIALIZE,A901
1998-364T13:44:19.000      TRIGGER   66
1998-364T13:54:00.000      TRIGGER   68
1998-364T15:14:00.000      TRIGGER   58
1998-364T15:24:00.000      TRIGGER   5A
1998-364T15:45:00.000      TRIGGER   8A
1998-364T16:01:00.000      TRIGGER   88
1998-364T16:17:00.000      73RT_RESET,RELEASE
1998-364T16:17:05.000      73RT_RESET,RESET
1998-364T16:17:10.000      73RT_RESET,RELEASE
1998-364T16:32:00.000      TRIGGER    0
1998-364T16:33:00.000      TRIGGER    1
1998-364T16:37:00.000      TRIGGER   5C
1998-364T17:02:00.000      73RT_SLEEP,SLEEP
1998-364T17:02:30.000      73RT_SLEEP,ACTIVE
1998-364T17:03:00.000      TRIGGER    3
1998-364T17:11:00.000      73RT_SLEEP,SLEEP
1998-364T17:11:30.000      73RT_SLEEP,ACTIVE
1998-364T17:12:00.000      TRIGGER    0
1998-364T17:13:00.000      TRIGGER   70
1998-364T17:15:00.000      TRIGGER   20
1998-365T21:20:00.000      73RT_SLEEP,SLEEP
1998-365T21:20:30.000      73RT_SLEEP,ACTIVE
1998-365T21:21:00.000      TRIGGER    0
1998-365T21:21:10.000      TRIGGER   20
1998-365T21:22:00.000      TRIGGER   62
1998-365T21:23:00.000      TRIGGER   7E
1998-365T21:25:00.000      TRIGGER   86
1998-365T21:27:00.000      TRIGGER   64
1998-365T21:28:00.000      TRIGGER   12
1998-365T21:30:00.000      TRIGGER   20
1998-365T23:15:00.000      TRIGGER   2A
1998-365T23:17:00.000      TRIGGER   20
1999-001T01:15:00.000      TRIGGER   22
1999-001T01:17:00.000      TRIGGER   20
1999-001T05:15:00.000      TRIGGER   14
1999-001T05:17:00.000      TRIGGER   20
1999-001T05:25:00.000      TRIGGER   16
1999-001T05:27:00.000      TRIGGER   20
1999-001T05:35:00.000      TRIGGER   18
1999-001T05:45:00.000      TRIGGER   8E
1999-001T05:47:00.000      TRIGGER   20
1999-001T05:55:00.000      TRIGGER   1A
1999-001T05:57:00.000      TRIGGER   20
1999-001T06:05:00.000      TRIGGER   1C
1999-001T06:07:00.000      TRIGGER   20
1999-001T06:15:00.000      TRIGGER   74
1999-001T06:45:00.000      TRIGGER   7A
1999-001T07:11:20.000      TRIGGER   7C
1999-001T07:18:00.000      TRIGGER   7A
1999-001T07:45:00.000      TRIGGER   78
1999-001T08:15:00.000      TRIGGER   8C
1999-001T08:17:00.000      TRIGGER   20
1999-001T08:25:00.000      TRIGGER   80
1999-001T08:27:00.000      TRIGGER   20
1999-001T12:15:00.000      TRIGGER   28
1999-001T12:17:00.000      TRIGGER   20
1999-001T19:55:00.000      TRIGGER   22
1999-001T19:57:00.000      TRIGGER   20
1999-001T20:05:00.000      TRIGGER   82
1999-001T20:35:00.000      TRIGGER   84
1999-001T21:17:00.000      73POWER_CNTL,SLEEP,SLEEP
1999-001T21:17:30.000      73POWER_CNTL,SLEEP,ACTIVE
1999-001T21:18:00.000      TRIGGER    0
1999-001T21:19:00.000      TRIGGER   70
1999-001T21:21:00.000      TRIGGER   20
1999-008T16:30:15.000      TRIGGER   4A
1999-008T17:20:15.000      TRIGGER   70
1999-008T17:22:15.000      TRIGGER   20
1999-010T05:01:51.000      TRIGGER   70
1999-010T05:03:51.000      TRIGGER   20
1999-010T06:39:16.000      TRIGGER   4C
1999-010T06:49:16.000      TRIGGER   4E
1999-010T08:43:46.000      TRIGGER   4C
1999-010T08:53:46.000      TRIGGER   4E
1999-010T12:48:16.000      TRIGGER   4C
1999-010T12:58:16.000      TRIGGER   4E
1999-010T16:45:16.000      73MEM_TWEAK,HRP,WORD,0x0050,0x0040,WBRC
1999-011T22:59:02.000      ----------- S/C Safing occurred -----------
1999-011T22:59:02.000      ----------- All Instruments Off -----------
1999-015T13:49:42.000      ----------- Recover from S/C Safing -------
1999-015T13:49:42.000      73PS_RPWS,ON
1999-015T13:51:42.000      73RT_SLEEP,ACTIVE
1999-015T13:54:42.000      TRIGGER    0
1999-015T13:55:12.000      73MEM_TWEAK,HRP,BYTE,0x0052,0x0082,W08I
1999-015T13:55:42.000      TRIGGER    1
1999-019T05:40:18.000      73PS_RPWS,OFF