C35 RPWS Triggers

Trigger Description
0 Power ON
10 Idle RPWS receivers, excluding MFR
12 Basic
14 LF WBR mode, 2.5KHz
16 Delta N/N mode
18 SKR mode
1A Waveform Capture
1C WBR mode
1E Sounder mode
20 Housekeeping Dump
22 Survey Mode
24 LF WBR mode, 40Hz
26 Fast WBR mode
28 200 bps Interplanetary Cruise without Direction Finding & DUST & LP Sweeps
2A 140 bps Interplanetary Cruise for use during under-allocated periods
2C PIM Langmuir Probe
2E Put IEB Version Info to housekeeping & clear command counters
30 Fast Basic
32 HF WBR, 8MHz Data Throttle
34 HF WBR, 1MHz Data Throttle
36 HF WBR, 125KHz Data Throttle
38 80KHz WBR, Data Throttle
3A 10KHz WBR, Data Throttle
3C Blast HFR, Data Throttle
3E 2.5KHz WFR, Data Throttle
40 26Hz WFR, Data Throttle
42 61-131 kbps 10-KHz WBR cyclic
44 Stop WBR cyclic
46 61-131 kbps compressed 80-KHz WBR cyclic
48 61-131 kbps non-compressed 80-KHz WBR cyclic
60 Trigger 60
62 Trigger 62
64 32 variant: HF-WBR @ 8MHz with bit scoop
66 34 variant: HF-WBR @ 1MHz with bit scoop
68 36 variant: HF-WBR @ 125KHz with bit scoop
70 ICO-1 MAG Monitor mode
72 ICO-1 Pre-MAG mode
74 IOC-2 HF-WBR frequency stepping test
76 Titan LP low bitrate mode
78 Titan LP deltaN/N mode
80 Earth Direction Finding
8A 700 bps Survey Mode for Saturn Tour, toggling between 40-Hz and 2.5-KHz WFR
8E 700 bps Night-Time Inner Survey Mode for Saturn Tour, toggling between 40-Hz and 2.5-KHz WFR
96 Trigger 96
A0 1200 bps SEDDF Mode for Saturn Tour, toggling between 40-Hz and 2.5-KHz WFR
A4 182 kbps HRSED Mode for Saturn Tour, with High-Frequency WBR and millisecond mode HFR
A8 5.8 kbps RNGSAT Mode for Saturn Tour, with fast WFR

C35 RPWS Commands

Command Description
73WRAP,(0x4045] Clear Internal Expanded Block (IEB) memory
73IEB_LOAD Load Internal Expanded Block (IEB) memory
73WRAP,(0x4310,0x7400) Perform Checksum on newly loaded IEB memory
73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF Perform HFR Calibration
73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,BYTE,0x002B,0x00FF,MFRI Idle MFR receiver
73HFR_INITIALIZE,A901 hfr initialize command
73MEM_TWEAK,HRP,WORD,0x0050,0x0001,WBRC memory tweak
73MEM_TWEAK,HRP,WORD,0x0050,0x0002,WBRC memory tweak
73MEM_TWEAK,HRP,WORD,0x0050,0x0004,WBRC memory tweak
73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,BYTE,0x0014,0x0040,TWEK Command needed for IEB verification
73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,BYTE,0x0014,0x00C0,TWEK Command needed for IEB verification
73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,BYTE,0x002A,0x0000,MFRI Command needed for IEB verification
73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,BYTE,0x002A,0x00FF,MFRI Command needed for IEB verification
73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,WORD,0x0064,0x0000,SOND Command needed for IEB verification
73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,WORD,0x0064,0xC01F,SOND Command needed for IEB verification
73MRO,LRP,HSK,07C1,0000 Command needed for IEB verification via memory readout
73MRO,LRP,HSK,8000,800F Command needed for IEB verification via memory readout
73MRO,LRP,HSK,BF00,BF78 Command needed for IEB verification via memory readout
73MRO,LRP,TLM,8000,0000 Command needed for IEB verification via memory readout
73MRO,LRP,TLM,BF00,0000 Command needed for IEB verification via memory readout
73PS_RPWS,OFF Power RPWS off
73RT_RESET,RELEASE commands for a reset
73RT_RESET,RESET commands for a reset
73WRAP,(0x4045] Clear Internal Expanded Block (IEB) memory
73WRAP,(0x4310,0x6D00) Perform Checksum on newly loaded IEB memory
73WRAP,(0x4310,0x7D00) Perform Checksum on newly loaded IEB memory
73WRAP,(0xC252,0x0020) Perform Checksum on newly loaded IEB memory
73WRAP,(0xC257,0x0020) Perform Checksum on newly loaded IEB memory

C35 Planned Sequence

2002-334T11:36:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-334T11:49:00.016      TRIGGER   2E
2002-334T11:52:00.016      73WRAP,(0x4045]
2002-334T11:52:01.016      73IEB_LOAD  C34 IEB
2002-334T11:54:09.016      73WRAP,(0x4310,0x7D00)
2002-334T11:57:09.016      TRIGGER   2E
2002-334T12:00:09.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-337T00:05:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-340T02:22:01.016  Disable Sounder for Gravity Wave Experiment
2002-340T02:22:01.016      73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,WORD,0x0064,0x0000,SOND
2002-340T02:32:00.016      TRIGGER   8A
2002-340T04:00:00.016     Begin GWE cyclic WBR, with 15-minute periodicity
2002-340T04:00:00.016    TRIGGER   48
2002-340T04:03:12.016    TRIGGER   44
2002-340T04:15:00.016    TRIGGER   48
2002-340T04:08:12.016    TRIGGER   44
2002-341T00:05:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-345T00:05:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-349T00:05:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-353T00:05:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-355T11:36:00.016       Halt GWE cyclic, perform V2.6 FSW load & test
2002-355T11:36:00.016      73RT_RESET,RELEASE
2002-355T11:36:06.016      73RT_RESET,RESET
2002-355T11:36:12.016      73RT_RESET,RELEASE
2002-355T11:51:18.016      73MRO,LRP,HSK,07C1,0000
2002-355T11:51:37.016      73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,WORD,0x0064,0x0000,SOND
2002-355T11:51:52.016      TRIGGER    0
2002-355T11:52:02.016      TRIGGER   60
2002-355T11:57:02.016      TRIGGER   2E
2002-355T11:58:02.016      73WRAP,(0x4045]
2002-355T11:58:13.016      73IEB_LOAD  C35 IEB (missing record)
2002-355T12:00:01.016      73WRAP,(0x4310,0x6D00)
2002-355T12:02:01.016      TRIGGER   10
2002-355T12:04:02.016      73IEB_LOAD  C35 IEB (missing other record)
2002-355T12:05:50.016      73WRAP,(0x4310,0x6D00)
2002-355T12:07:50.016      TRIGGER   10
2002-355T12:09:50.016      TRIGGER   2E
2002-355T12:11:50.016      73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,BYTE,0x0014,0x00C0,TWEK
2002-355T12:12:00.016      73MRO,LRP,HSK,8000,800F
2002-355T12:12:10.016      73MRO,LRP,HSK,BF00,BF78
2002-355T12:14:40.016      73MRO,LRP,TLM,8000,0000
2002-355T12:14:50.016      73MRO,LRP,TLM,BF00,0000
2002-355T12:15:00.016      73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,BYTE,0x0014,0x0040,TWEK
2002-355T12:19:00.016      TRIGGER   96
2002-355T12:21:00.016      TRIGGER   12
2002-355T12:23:00.016      TRIGGER   20
2002-355T12:25:00.016      TRIGGER   2C
2002-355T12:30:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-355T12:31:20.016      73WRAP,(0xC252,0x0020)
2002-355T12:32:00.016      73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,BYTE,0x002A,0x00FF,MFRI
2002-355T12:34:00.016      TRIGGER   38
2002-355T12:36:00.016      TRIGGER   36
2002-355T12:38:00.016      TRIGGER   34
2002-355T12:40:00.016      TRIGGER   32
2002-355T12:42:00.016      TRIGGER   3A
2002-355T12:44:00.016      TRIGGER   3E
2002-355T12:49:00.016      TRIGGER   40
2002-355T12:54:00.016      TRIGGER   3C
2002-355T12:59:00.016      TRIGGER   30
2002-355T13:06:20.016      73WRAP,(0xC252,0x0020)
2002-355T13:14:00.016      TRIGGER   12
2002-355T13:19:00.016      TRIGGER   80
2002-355T13:24:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-355T13:29:00.016      73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,BYTE,0x002A,0x0000,MFRI
2002-355T13:31:00.016      TRIGGER   60
2002-355T13:36:00.016      TRIGGER   62
2002-355T13:41:00.016      TRIGGER   64
2002-355T13:46:00.016      TRIGGER   66
2002-355T13:51:00.016      TRIGGER   68
2002-355T13:56:00.016      TRIGGER   70
2002-355T14:01:00.016      TRIGGER   72
2002-355T14:06:00.016      TRIGGER   74
2002-355T14:16:00.016      TRIGGER   76
2002-355T14:21:00.016      73HFR_INITIALIZE,A901
2002-355T14:22:00.016      TRIGGER   78
2002-355T14:27:00.016      73RT_RESET,RELEASE
2002-355T14:27:06.016      73RT_RESET,RESET
2002-355T14:27:12.016      73RT_RESET,RELEASE
2002-355T14:42:12.016      TRIGGER    0
2002-355T14:42:30.016      73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,WORD,0x0064,0x0000,SOND
2002-355T14:43:00.016      TRIGGER   12
2002-355T14:51:00.016      73WRAP,(0xC257,0x0020)
2002-355T15:06:00.016      TRIGGER   8A
2002-355T15:11:00.016      TRIGGER   42
2002-355T15:16:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2002-355T15:21:00.016      TRIGGER   8E
2002-355T15:26:00.016      TRIGGER   46
2002-355T15:31:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2002-355T15:36:00.016      TRIGGER   A0
2002-355T15:41:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2002-355T15:46:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2002-355T15:51:00.016      TRIGGER   A4
2002-355T15:56:00.016      TRIGGER   A0
2002-355T16:01:00.016      TRIGGER   AA
2002-355T16:06:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2002-355T16:11:00.016      TRIGGER   14
2002-355T16:16:00.016      TRIGGER   16
2002-355T16:21:00.016      TRIGGER   18
2002-355T16:26:00.016      TRIGGER   1A
2002-355T16:31:00.016      TRIGGER   1C
2002-355T16:36:00.016      TRIGGER   1E
2002-355T16:41:00.016      TRIGGER   22
2002-355T16:46:00.016      TRIGGER   24
2002-355T16:51:00.016      TRIGGER   26
2002-355T16:56:00.016      TRIGGER   2A
2002-355T17:01:00.016      TRIGGER   8A
2002-355T17:05:59.016      TRIGGER   AC
2002-355T17:06:00.016      73MEM_TWEAK,HRP,WORD,0x0050,0x0004,WBRC
2002-355T17:11:00.016      73MEM_TWEAK,HRP,WORD,0x0050,0x0002,WBRC
2002-355T17:16:00.016      73MEM_TWEAK,HRP,WORD,0x0050,0x0001,WBRC
2002-355T17:21:00.016      73MEM_TWEAK,HRP,WORD,0x0050,0x0002,WBRC
2002-355T17:26:00.016      73MEM_TWEAK,HRP,WORD,0x0050,0x0004,WBRC
2002-355T17:31:00.016      TRIGGER   8A
2002-355T17:36:00.016      TRIGGER   A8
2002-355T18:36:00.016      TRIGGER   8A
2002-355T18:41:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2002-355T18:52:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2002-355T19:41:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2002-355T19:52:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2002-355T20:41:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2002-355T20:52:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2002-355T21:41:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2002-355T21:52:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2002-355T22:41:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2002-355T22:52:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2002-355T23:41:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2002-355T23:52:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2002-356T00:41:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2002-356T00:52:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2002-356T01:41:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2002-356T01:52:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2002-356T02:41:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2002-356T02:52:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2002-356T03:41:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2002-356T03:52:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2002-356T04:41:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2002-356T04:52:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2002-356T05:41:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2002-356T05:52:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2002-356T06:41:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2002-356T06:52:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2002-356T07:41:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2002-356T07:52:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2002-356T08:41:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2002-356T08:52:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2002-356T09:41:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2002-356T09:52:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2002-356T10:41:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2002-356T10:52:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2002-356T10:57:00.016      TRIGGER   8A

2002-356T12:00:00.016     Continue GWE cyclic WBR, with 15-minute periodicity
2002-356T12:00:00.016    TRIGGER   48
2002-356T12:03:12.016    TRIGGER   44
2002-356T12:15:00.016    TRIGGER   48
2002-356T12:08:12.016    TRIGGER   44
2002-357T00:05:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-361T00:05:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-365T00:05:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2002-365T00:10:00.016      TRIGGER   2C
2002-365T23:50:00.016      TRIGGER   8A
2003-004T00:05:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2003-008T00:05:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2003-012T00:05:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2003-014T15:22:00.016       End GWE WBR cyclic
2003-014T15:22:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2003-014T15:22:01.016       Re-enable Sounder following GWE
2003-014T15:22:01.016      73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,WORD,0x0064,0xC01F,SOND
2003-016T00:05:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2003-020T00:05:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2003-024T00:05:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2003-028T00:05:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2003-032T00:05:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2003-032T21:00:00.016      TRIGGER   8A
2003-032T21:02:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2003-032T21:21:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2003-032T21:30:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2003-032T23:00:00.016      TRIGGER   8A
2003-032T23:02:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2003-032T23:13:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2003-032T23:15:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2003-034T15:00:00.016      TRIGGER   8A
2003-034T15:02:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2003-034T15:12:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2003-034T16:02:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2003-034T16:12:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2003-034T17:02:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2003-034T17:12:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2003-034T18:02:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2003-034T18:12:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2003-034T19:02:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2003-034T19:12:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2003-034T20:02:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2003-034T20:12:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2003-034T21:00:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2003-034T23:00:00.016      TRIGGER   8A
2003-034T23:02:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2003-034T23:09:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2003-034T23:15:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2003-036T00:05:00.016      73HFR_ANALYSIS,E1FF
2003-038T18:00:00.016      TRIGGER   8A
2003-038T18:02:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2003-038T18:21:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2003-038T19:02:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2003-038T19:21:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2003-038T20:02:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2003-038T20:21:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2003-038T21:02:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2003-038T21:21:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2003-038T22:02:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2003-038T22:21:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2003-038T23:01:00.016      TRIGGER   28
2003-039T01:00:00.016      TRIGGER   8A
2003-039T01:02:00.016      TRIGGER   48
2003-039T01:10:00.016      TRIGGER   44
2003-039T03:00:00.016        Instruments off for CDS FSW update
2003-039T03:00:00.016      73PS_RPWS,OFF