C15 RPWS Triggers

Trigger Description
  0 Power On All Receivers (HFR, MFR, LP, etc.)
  1 Internally defined Basic Mode with HFR "Composite Mode Survey" (CMS)
28 200 bps Interplanetary Cruise with Direction Finding on HFR Bands ABC
80 1 kbps Direction-Finding Survey with 2.5 KHz WFR
8C Earth Closest Approach: AKR Polarization, Fast 2.5KHz WFR, 10KHz WBR (~30 kbps)
90 2 kbps Magnetotail Basic Survey with 2.5 KHz WFR
92 Earth Closest Approach: Sounder Checkout (~500 bps)
94 Earth Closest Approach: Langmuir Probe Checkout (~30 kbps)

C15 RPWS Commands

Command Description
73PS_RPWS,OFF Power RPWS off
73PS_RPWS,ON Power RPWS on
73RT_SLEEP,ACTIVE ACTIVE MODE: Processors awake, ready to power up Receivers
73RT_SLEEP,SLEEP SLEEP MODE: Receivers powered off, Processors low-power mode
73MEM_TWEAK,HRP,BYTE,0x0052,0x0082,W08I Prepare WBR to use EZ sensor
73IEB_LOAD Load Internal Expanded Block (IEB) memory
73WRAP,(0x4310,0x1500) Perform Checksum on newly loaded IEB memory
73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,BYTE,0x0014,0x00C0,TWEK Command needed for IEB verification via memory readout
73MRO,LRP,HSK,8000,800F Command needed for IEB verification via memory readout
73MRO,LRP,HSK,BF00,BF1C Command needed for IEB verification via memory readout
73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,BYTE,0x0014,0x0040,TWEK Command needed for IEB verification via memory readout
73WFR_MODE_CNTL,HOLD,LBAND,NOCOMPRESS Set WFR Band to the 1-25 Hz mode (i.e., Low Band)

C15 Sequence Timeline (Earth Swing-By)

1999-225T17:38:00.000      73PS_RPWS,ON
1999-225T17:40:00.000      73RT_SLEEP,ACTIVE
1999-225T17:43:00.000      TRIGGER    0
1999-225T17:43:30.000      73MEM_TWEAK,HRP,BYTE,0x0052,0x0082,W08I
1999-225T17:44:00.000      TRIGGER    1
1999-225T17:44:31.000      73IEB_LOAD GEO IEB
1999-225T17:44:52.000      73WRAP,(0x4310,0x1500)
1999-225T17:45:52.000      73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,BYTE,0x0014,0x00C0,TWEK
1999-225T17:46:02.000      73MRO,LRP,HSK,8000,800F
1999-225T17:46:12.000      73MRO,LRP,HSK,BF00,BF1C
1999-225T17:46:52.000      73MEM_TWEAK,LRP,BYTE,0x0014,0x0040,TWEK
1999-230T01:33:10.000      TRIGGER   8C
1999-230T02:50:10.000      TRIGGER   92
1999-230T03:25:02.000      TRIGGER   94
1999-230T05:23:10.000      TRIGGER   80
1999-237T06:30:00.000      TRIGGER   28
1999-243T02:30:00.000      73RT_SLEEP,SLEEP
1999-244T03:10:00.000      73RT_SLEEP,ACTIVE
1999-244T03:10:30.000      TRIGGER    0
1999-244T03:11:00.000      TRIGGER   28
1999-254T16:31:00.000      TRIGGER   90     (C16)
1999-255T22:00:00.000      73WFR_MODE_CNTL,HOLD,LBAND,NOCOMPRESS (C16)
1999-257T21:40:00.000      73PS_RPWS,OFF    (C16)