Voyager 2 Cosmic Ray Subsystem (CRS)

This directory provides charged particle data collected from the Cosmic Ray Subsystem (CRS) on Voyager 2 from the Saturn encounter between 1981-08-24 and 1981-08-30. Data contain electron counting rate measurements from the detectors D1 and D2. Saturn has a spin period of about 10 hours.

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Voyager 2 Saturn Flyby Trajectory Overview Plots: X-Y Plane, X-Z Plane, Y-Z Plane
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INFO.TXT - General and statistical information regarding this data set

DataPDS LabelContentsData PlotDescription
D1D2 D1D2 192 second res.
electron counting rate
for 8/24/81-8/30/81.
6 Saturnian-Day Plot CRS Electron Data

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