Voyager 1 Planetary Radio Astronomy Experiment (PRA)

This directory provides 6 second high resolution lowband PRA data from Voyager 1 Saturn encounter between 1980-11-11 and 1980-11-16. The data file (PRA.TAB) provides for 70 instrument channels covering the range from 1.2 kHz to 1326 kHz in uniform 19.2 kHz steps, each 1 kHz wide. Saturn has a spin period of about 10 hours.

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Voyager 1 Saturn Flyby Trajectory Overview Plots: X-Y Plane, X-Z Plane, Y-Z Plane
Ephemeris data
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INFO.TXT - General and statistical information regarding this data set

DataPDS LabelContentsData PlotDescription
PRA PRA 6 second high res. lowband
data for 11/11/80-11/16/80.
N/A PRA Data

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