Low Energy Charged Particle Analyzer (LECP)

This directory provides charged particle flux data from the LECP on Voyager 1 from the Saturn encounter between 1980-11-11 and 1980-11-16. The data are provided in 15-minute resolution and categorized into 3 different types. AVERAGE.TAB contains 7 energy ranges of particle flux data. SECTOR.TAB consists of 8 sectors of flux data plus a sum of all sectors. SECTOR_SUMMARY.TAB has data quality information for the sector data. Saturn has a spin period of about 10 hours.

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INFO.TXT - General and statistical information regarding this data set

DataPDS LabelContentsData PlotDescription
AVERAGE AVERAGE 15 min res. energetic particle flux averaged from the entire scan field view for 8/11/80-8/16/80 6 Saturnian-Day Plot Average
SECTOR SECTOR 15 min averaged energetic particle flux averaged from individual sector scan field view (8 sectors) for 8/11/80-8/16/80 N/A Sector
1 hour res. statistical information about sector data for 8/11/80-8/16/80 N/A

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