The /DOCUMENT directory contains 8 user sub-directories with documents describing the Voyager mission for CRS, LECP, MAG, PLS, PRA, and PWS instruments. For more information about the contents of a specific sub-directory, please refer to /DOCUMENT directory tree structure diagram provided below.

There are both ASCII and HTML forms for each document prepared. An ASCII version has pure text contents with all graphics removed (file extension .ASC). An HTML version keeps tables and figures embedded in the document (file extension .HTM). The documents are reproduced from the articles published on the Space Science Reviews Voyager Project Special Issue. Scanned images of figures and tables in Graphics Interchange Format (GIF89A, file extension .GIF) are included both for use with the HTMLs and with graphics viewers. The naming convention for GIF the images is FIGxx.GIF or TABxx.GIF where xx is the number assigned to the figure or table number in the original document. Exceptions to this convention are described in the individual sub-directories. The viewability of some of these images may depend significantly upon the operating system and the viewer used to view them. Specifically, they are best viewed on a color monitor.

While most of the documents are reproduced in their entirety, others include only the pages or sections appropriate to this archive.

/DOCUMENT directory tree structure:

     |- DOCINFO.TXT   (This file) describes contents of the /DOCUMENT 
     |                directory tree.
     |- [CRS]         Contains copies of the Voyager CRS investigation
     |                description (CRSINST).
     |- [LECP]        Contains copies of the Voyager LECP investigation
     |                description (LECPINST).
     |- [MAG]         Contains copies of the Voyager MAG investigation
     |                description (MAGINST).
     |- [MISSION]     Contains copies of the Voyager mission description
     |                (MISSION).
     |- [PLS]         Contains copies of the Voyager PLS investigation
     |                description (PLSINST).
     |- [PRA]         Contains copies of the Voyager PRA investigation
     |                description (PRAINST).
     |- [PWS]         Contains copies of the Voyager PWS investigation
     |                description (PWSINST).
     |- [SYMBOLS]     Contains GIF89A images of characters not supported by
                      HTML (e.g. Greek characters, mathematical symbols,
                      etc.). No user file is stored in this sub-directory.

key files:
DOCINFO.TXT(This file) describes directory contents.
Document description:
CRS/CRSINSTStone, et al. (pp. 355-376)*. 'Cosmic Ray Investigation for the Voyager Missions; Energetic Particle Studies in the Outer Heliosphere - and Beyond' [REFERENCE_KEY_ID = 'STONEETAL1977']
LECP/LECPINSTKrimigis, et al. (pp. 329-354)*. 'The Low Energy Charged Particle (LECP) Experiment on the Voyager Spacecraft' [REFERENCE_KEY_ID = 'KRIMIGISETAL1977']
MAG/MAGINSTBehannon, et al. (pp. 235-257)*. 'Magnetic Field Experiment for Voyagers 1 and 2' [REFERENCE_KEY_ID = 'BEHANNONETAL1977']
MISSION/MISSIONKohlhase, C. E., and P. A. Penzo, 'Voyager Mission Description,' Space Sci. Rev., Vol. 21, No. 2, Nov. 1977, pp. 77-101. [REFERENCE_KEY_ID = 'KOHLHASE&PENZO1977']
PLS/PLSINSTBridge, et al. (pp. 259-287)*. 'The Plasma Experiment on the 1977 Voyager Mission' [REFERENCE_KEY_ID = 'BRIDGEETAL1977']
PRA/PRAINSTWarwick, et al. (pp. 309-327)*. 'Planetary Radio Astronomy Experiment for Voyager Missions' [REFERENCE_KEY_ID = 'WARWICKETAL1977']
PWS/PWSINSTScarf and Gurnett, (pp. 289-308)*. 'A Plasma Wave Investigation for the Voyager Mission' [REFERENCE_KEY_ID = 'SCARF&GURNETT1977']

*Documents reproduced from:
Space Science Reviews, Voyager Project Special Issue, Vol. 21, No. 2, Dec. 1977. Reprinted with permission of Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, Boston, London.

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